Praise for Mayor Stack’s leadership

Dear Editor:
Under the leadership of Mayor Stack and ordinance was passed recently that will not allow residents and visitors to ride bicycles on the sidewalk. This ordinance will prevent unnecessary accidents from happening to residents, especially to senior citizens.
I have lived in the community since 1968 and the makeup of this city remained the same until 2000 when our present mayor came to power. Under his tenure as mayor new schools have been built, new parks have been created, over 1,000 trees have been planted and sidewalks and streets throughout the city have been renovated. Mayor Stack has a tremendous relationship to the community and his compassion for residents at large inspires the police officers to protect our entire community in a humble and friendly way.
The fact is that since Mayor Stack came to representation not a fatal shooting has taken place by a police officer. This fact is astonishing since over 95 percent of our community is of Hispanic descent. We all know that all over the country relations between Afro-Americans and Latinos is not a positive relationship.
Under mayor and State Senator Stack he will continue to protect our families, he will continue to rebuild our city, he will continue to rebuild the infrastructure that is costing the residents their property value. Mayor Stack will continue to work with the community to implement more anti-crime agendas that keep our family safe.

Raul Pico Marquez

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