Dear Mr. Sacco…

Dear Editor:
Don’t gloat, Mr. Sacco, over the recent Hi-Tech H. S. plan which will solve student overcrowding in North Bergen’s schools.
Hudson County Executive Tom Degise said “This innovative idea was fallen upon us.”
The idea didn’t fall out of the sky – it originated in the community and NJ DEP Green Acres insisted North Bergen look into it.
That idea, and Green Acres intention, was not just to solve the overcrowding, it was also meant to solve the preschool in the park problem, a problem you have not acknowledged exists.
So take the extra step and do the right thing here, cancel the diversion application, sign a binding legal agreement with Green Acres whereby when Hi-Tech opens as the NB H.S., the preschoolers will either be in the elementary schools or the Lincoln annex, as was the original plan, and preschoolers will be in better and safer facilities with their siblings.
Make good on your 15 year forgotten promise that the preschool would just be in Braddock Park temporarily.
Robert Walden

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