Whoops! Don’t use Hoboken public school freebie calendar to figure out what to do with kids the last week in June

HOBOKEN — At the beginning of the school year, the Hoboken public school district gave away copies of a jam-packed calendar with all the days off and some events. It appears to be a very helpful tool — however, it may prove confusing at the end.
Now that parents are looking ahead to what to do with their kids the last week in June, the week after school ends, they might want to make sure they’re not figuring out camp or vacations using the dates for the last week of June on the calendar.
As the photo shows, there’s a bit of an issue with the last Monday and Tuesday.
Superintendent Christine Johnson said no one had brought it to her attention yet. “The school year ends well before that and no one looked at it from a general perspective,” she said, “since most school activities are over and there’s no impact on school days.”
Someone brought it to the newspaper’s attention so that we could alert people before they use those dates to plan their week down the shore.
Johnson said she wasn’t sure all the calendars had the mishap or a select few. The calendar ends in June and the rest of the months appear to be fine.
The calendar was given to all public school students in September. According to the calendar, the school year ends with half days on Monday, June 20, and the 21st and 22nd, but the dates sometimes change due to snow days and other matters.

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