An oasis – in the middle of Hoboken!

Dear Editor:
Some of you may have already witnessed the restoration of the Columbus Park promenade in all its splendorous beauty. To fully appreciate the long-term care necessary in preserving the architectural intent and maintaining the park’s beauty, it is significant to note that it took eighteen months of planning, scoping and roll out to create this outcome. >From surveying the visitor usage to inspecting conditions of park elements and hiring the right Associate Parks Director, our Freeholder, Anthony Romano, as well as dozens of Hudson County parks and forestry employees, worked diligently to restore the grandeur of the promenade.
As you enjoy the quiet and peaceful walkways that encircle the lawns, century old trees, and historical sun house keep in mind that, Columbus Park stands alone in being the only Hoboken park that, gratefully, remains true to it’s architectural intent.
Hudson County’s new associate Parks Director, Kevin Wong, views our decades and centuries old trees as natural assets, and as such, is creating a registry and tracking system for the inspection and maintenance of our trees. He personally designed the gardens with seasonality in mind. The design elements include perennials as well as space for annuals. With or without the annuals, the gardens are very well balanced. Wong further intends on maintaining and improving Columbus Park through additional seeding and soil replenishment of the lawns.
I think everyone will agree that the entire park looks stunning with Mr. Wong’s professional landscaping.
Highly appreciated by residents, is the fact that Columbus Park is The ONLY Park in Hoboken with a FT parks keeper. Al Stone, who has faithfully performed his duties for over 15 years, takes great pride in the Columbus Park’s cleanliness, safety and appearance. Stone is much greater than an excellent county employee. His caring for the community is evident in the mutual love shown by regular park visitors and the children who adore hm.
Adding to the comfort of Al’s regular presence, the park is patrolled several times a day by Sheriffs Officers and additionally has 24-hour cameras functioning through out the park.
Traditionally, every year the Knights of Columbus has beautified the Columbus Park with a sculptured patchwork of mums along the promenade. With the Hoboken Knights of Columbus Chapter no longer active, it is a pleasure to see the park gardens restored in time for this Columbus Day. Although it has taken considerable time and care to get here, now we have a professionally landscaped promenade which will remain cared for and attractive through many years to come.
Many thanks to our outstanding park keeper and attendant, Al Stone, whose help was immeasurable in bringing the promenade back to splendor.

Melissa T. Blanco
Hoboken’s Fifth Ward

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