Leaving uninvited guests behind

Dear Editor:
Almost seven years ago when this great nation elected the first Afro-American president, I and many others thought racism was a thing of the past. I would like to remind everyone that prior of electing President Obama this country was in a deep recession.
Today we are witnessing a Republican candidate running for the oval office who has clearly indicated that he will leave all the uninvited guest behind. The position that Donald Trump has taken against the uninvited guests is unfair. The history of this country tells us that America became great because all the positive contributions that were made by immigrants. Twelve years ago Union City was a ghost town. It was during this time that Mayor and State Senator Brian P. Stack took over our community. Today twelve years later we can see the economic, social, growth that our city has made. There is one thing that as residents we can be sure of and that is Mayor Stack does not leave uninvited guests behind.

With respect,
Paul ‘Pico’ Marquez

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