Sheriff fines Secaucus gas station and shuts down sales of ‘premium’ gas

SECAUCUS – Officers from the Weights and Measures Division of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office fined and shut down the sales of premium gasoline at the Shell Gas station located and Route 3 East and Flanagan Way in Secaucus last week. According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, tests revealed that the “premium” gas had octane levels comparable to regular and midgrade gasoline.
“Fuel station owners that are [allegedly] trying to pass off regular gasoline as higher octane fuel to make larger profit from unknowing drivers will be caught in Hudson County,” said Sheriff Schillari. “Our Weights and Measures Division is here to protect the consumer. Those who try to cheat will get caught and will be fined substantially.”
The owner of the gas station was fined $18,000 along with a mandated court appearance. The gasoline at the gas station was tested by the Division of Weights & Measures and sent out to an independent lab for additional tests, which confirmed the allegedly low level of octane in the station’s premium gas.
The Hudson County Office of Weights and Measures, a Division of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, is responsible for certifying the accuracy of all weighing and measuring devices used in commercial transactions, as well as inspecting and testing all commercially used weighing and measuring devices and systems. A wide range of businesses and devices such as gasoline stations, packing plants, supermarkets, and lumber yards are frequently inspected. The Office of Weights and Measures’ inspectors work daily to keep businesses honest by using state of the art equipment to inspect scales, scanning equipment, and gasoline station pumps throughout the county. Weighing devices for commercial purposes are not permitted to be used unless they have been registered with the Office of Weights and Measures.

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