Those were the days: Nine years ago, Hobokenites furious when not enough snow arrived…

HOBOKEN — Tired of another &*%$ snowstorm? Check out this story by Tom Jennemann that appeared in the Hoboken Reporter nine years ago, about a time when schools were closed for two days and people waited hours at the supermarket due to predictions of a massive snowstorm that ended up only dropping a few inches.
From the story:

“This doesn’t make any sense,” said Hoboken resident Jason Randa. “They called off school Sunday before it even started snowing, which turned out to be too early to make that call and now I’m stuck taking a day off work ’cause our day care is closed, too.”
The local Blockbuster and A&P were packed Sunday with people looking to buy supplies to weather the storm. Meat, bread and milk were flying off the selves faster than they were able to restock them.
“I really hope this storm eventually gets here,” said Garden Street resident Janice Huffman Monday evening. “I just don’t want all of this stocking up and waiting to be for nothing.”

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