Union City to take homeless off streets, hills behind Hoboken in cold weather

UNION CITY AND HOBOKEN — During severe weather emergencies, special efforts will be taken by the Union City Police Department to ensure the safety of the homeless residing within city borders, according to a memo sent by Union City Police Chief Charles Everett to all personnel. All patrol units will make periodic checks of the viaduct hill above Hoboken and actively attempt to locate unsheltered homeless people in order to refer them to area shelters, the memo states.
Some homeless people live in shacks on the cliffs above Hoboken and below Union City. In the winter, staying in those makeshift homes in freezing temperatures can be dangerous. Local officials have grappled with the question of what to do about those residents, one of whom died in the cold several years ago (see links to our prior stories on this conundrum).
“This procedure becomes more important during the evening hours as the temperatures drop and the availability of open establishments appropriate for the homeless to take refuge is reduced,” Everett said.
The desk supervisor will arrange for a method of transporting homeless persons to area shelters, with the detainee transport van as an approved method of transport.
During cold weather emergencies, the PERC Shelter will house homeless people in their overflow room even when they do not have available beds.
Shelter for the homeless can be found at PERC Shelter (108 36th St., Union City, 201-348-8150), Hope House (woman and children only, 246 2nd St., 201-420-1070), St. Lucy’s (619 Grove St., Jersey City, 201-656-7201), and Hoboken Shelter (200 Bloomfield St., Hoboken, 201-656-5069).
The Hudson County Department of Family Services, County Welfare Division also operates a 24 hour/7 day per week Emergency Services Homeless Hotline Service (800-624-0287) to assist homeless individuals and families who are in need of emergency assistance.

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