Balloon from North Bergen lands near Canadian UFO site

HUDSON COUNTY — Back in 1967, the town of Shag Harbour, in Nova Scotia, experienced a well-known UFO sighting. Even today there is an annual UFO festival there.
But earlier this month, the town had a sighting of a different kind of object floating through the air: a holiday balloon that somehow made its way 643 miles from an annual festival in North Bergen.
The balloons had the names of North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco and the town commissioners on them, and were handed out at the Hudson County, N.J. town’s annual Winterfest in December.
Paula Smith (pictured) found the balloon and contacted the Shelburne County Coast Guard, a weekly publication, said Sacco. A reporter contacted the mayor about the interesting find.
Best of all, this balloon incident wasn’t a hoax!

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