EXCLUSIVE: ‘Parking Wars’ cable show may shoot Season 4 in Hoboken

HOBOKEN — The cable television network A&E wants to bring their show “Parking Wars” to Hoboken, according several City Hall sources.
The show typically profiles combative residents of Philadelphia getting booted and towed by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. But where better for them to look next than congested, mile-square Hoboken?
Hoboken Parking and Transportation Director Ian Sacs confirmed the rumors Wednesday night.
Sacs said the show has expressed an interest in coming to the mile-square, and he and the administration are considering the offer.
Over the last year, several employees of the Parking Utility have been arrested for various transgressions.
Former parking head John Corea was recently arrested for allegedly stealing coins from the meters, in conjunction with a Toms River contractor.
Two other parking employees were also arrested for a much smaller-scale incident of coin theft. Another parking employee was arrested in a cocaine ring bust.
After three seasons documenting the daily confrontations between ticket issuers, car booters, impound employees, and irate motorists in Philadelphia, the series may be moving to Hoboken in Season 4.
In addition to filming in Philadelphia during Season 3, the show included scenes from Detroit. It is yet unknown what role Hoboken could play in the upcoming season.
Sacs said the city would not receive payment for appearing on the show, but could reap other rewards, not the least of which is an improved (?) public image.
He said the city has many things to consider and he is working with Mayor Dawn Zimmer and other city officials to make a decision.
As for the parking employees, Sacs said some are hesitant to accept the attention while others are giddy over the possibility of being on television. — TJC

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