Bayonne must speak in one voice

To the Editor:
Who are we? What is our purpose? Why should any of it matter to me?
Well, let’s get started. The Bayonne Community Action League (BCAL) is an idea that has been simmering right below the civic consciences of the generation of the next leaders of our city, state and country. To borrow a line from a popular song, we were waiting for the world to change. That change has come on the heels of the historic election of President Obama. In the new blood we have in City Hall, there is a unique position for all of us regardless of age or political affiliation to come together to cultivate the pride of a community that has been a stalwart in our city for years.
Not so long ago when Bayonne spoke with one voice, there was not a community in Hudson County – nay, the state – that didn’t have to stand up and listen. My friends, we are living in an exciting time, a world where we are constantly connected to one another. Let’s harness that power and have this league of citizens all working for the same thing – a better Bayonne.
Now your probably wondering how can we accomplish this Utopian vision of Bayonne by simply logging on to a Website. Well, the answer is simple – we can’t. First, we need to connect to each other in a legitimate virtual community. True, there are community Web boards where some people post under pseudonyms and drag down the legitimate discourse members are attempting to engage in. We are going to aim to cultivate an open, honest discussion about our great city and use the collective wisdom we gather as the change we want to see in the city. So look for us at, or visit Facebook and Myspace.


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