‘Will this awful war ever end?’

To the Editor:
What must we do as a nation, or as a group of fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, to end this terrible war in Iraq? How many married men with families and single men and women with sweethearts have to die or sustain injuries that will last a life time before every last combat troop comes home? It will never happen if we remain silent or voice our feelings in a private way.
It tears your heart to read of another American who died. This time it’s an Army surgeon, 42-years-old, whose life was snuffed out on Christmas Day. A sacred day in most religions, but evidently not to some of the barbarians who live in Iraq. Maybe we can’t blame them, for we bombed them initially without any provocation on their part on Bush’s orders.
How misguided he was. How cruel to bomb a residential area where innocent people resided. This Army surgeon was serving his second tour of duty as part of a combat team caring for the wounded. He was due to come home in April. Now he leaves behind a tragic reminder of how cruel and almost inhumane a war can be.
Will our newly elected president be different and end this useless war, or do more Major
John P. Pryor’s of Moorestown, New Jersey, have to die? They will if you and I remain silent. I can only hope that we don’t.


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