Response to negative comments toward Sheriff Perez

To the Editor:
During the past weeks and as recent as Jan. 14, 2009, there have been two letters to the “Bayonne Community News” concerning Sheriff Juan M. Perez and negative comments in regard to allegations of “limelight” activities and references to the former sheriff.
As public information officer for the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, I find it necessary to bring to the attention of the misinformed writers that in this day and age, transparency and an open flow of information is vital to the safety of the community. It is imperative that, as the highest elected law enforcement official in the county, the sheriff be responsive and responsible to the entire Hudson County community in regards to public safety issues. The sheriff has and will continue to alert the residents as to safety issues at different holiday times, when school opens an closes and to alert seniors and others about possible fraudulent activities concerning foreclosures, evictions and other types of deceptive activities. Further, as a constitutional officer, the sheriff is duty bound to become involved in community functions and the presence of the sheriff and the office is required in the different jurisdictions for all types of events involving the residents.
The protection of the Superior Courts, execution of warrants, coverage of county roads and property and the overall public safety of the community is the utmost concern of Sheriff Perez. The morale within the office is at a high ebb, and this is reported in public by many of the men and women working who state that since Jan. 1, 2008 and the swearing in of Juan M. Perez as sheriff, the office has completed a complete turnaround from where it was over the past 12 years. The public has aright and the sheriff has a duty to continue to report the activities of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office to all.

Public Information Officer
Office of Hudson County Sheriff Juan M. Perez

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