Is Menendez helping?

Dear Editor:

I would like to pose a question to Congressman Menendez in the paper! I do this as he would never answer a letter as my past experience with him has shown me!

Directly after the 9/11 horror in New York City, Jersey City went into action. We were detrimental in assisting NYC with the wounded on our side of the river. Our city services, especially our Police Department went above and beyond expectations to render aid in all areas that were needed. Jersey City expelled hundreds and thousands of man hours in this colossal effort. The city spent millions of dollars in overtime for the Police and Fire Departments. A large number of our Police spent their own time helping over in NYC as well as here in Jersey City without compensation. We did this because it had to be done!

Although the city was finally reimbursed for the overtime costs after a long delay it was without the help of Congressman Menendez. In fact, for some time it was feared that we wouldn’t even be reimbursed. Where was the Congressman? I certainly don’t know.

Recently, the Congressman did a photo-op when Jersey City was given a federal grant for a new communications system. Menendez proudly took credit for this. Maybe he deserves some credit, we certainly need a new system for our Police Department. However, this is really only maintenance, as we have to have it before the old one breaks down for good!

But as shown by the immediate aftermath of 9/11 and the months afterwards, we need more than a new radio system. I ask the Congressman; what are you doing to get the much needed federal monies for Jersey City that we still need and have needed before 9/11 for our city services? It is evident that he has done nothing!

The Congressman has never lifted a finger to aid Jersey City and get us some federal money to remove us from distressed cities status. The Congressman is too busy trying to stack the deck with all his cronies so he can run Hudson County like a dictator!

To use the city of Newark as an example, their Police Department in particular, they have twice the number of Police Officers as Jersey City and presently have another 180 in the academy. How can this be? We are the second largest city in the state and soon to be the largest surpassing Newark in population. Newark gets fedeal money all the time and uses it for their Police Department and other city services. How can this be in Newark and not in Jersey City? I can tell you why, luckily for Newark’s sake, they are in Essex County.

Congressman Menendez is the fourth highest ranking Democrat in Congress. This status, although underserved, can be used to fight for Jersey City and supply us with the funding we need to become the true shining star of New Jersey. We have the so called “Gold Coast” but we have an empptty chest!

I ask the Congressman, instead of worrying about who is running for County Executive, when are you going to worry about the largest city in Hudson County? When are you going to fight for us? When are you going to get the federal funding that Jersey City deserves and needs badly? When?

Jersey City played the largest role in assisting after the terrorist attacks on the WTC second only to NYC! We deserve the Congressman’s time and efforts to get us the much needed and immediate federal monies we so badly are in need of. We deserve these efforts now. The ball is in your court Congressman, what do you have to say? Or rather, when are you going to help?

Bruce Dzamba


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