Newspapers do a great service to the community

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend the Hudson Reporter Assoc. on the fine work they do. All your efforts provide the people of Hudson County with good news every week to read. You perform with an understanding of what is being written and printed for your next edition. All thirty eight staff members do have value and compassion for each other and concern of the public and you play a visible role in what you write so we can read it, because each one has kindness and success in your heart when you’re printing the news.

As for myself I am a senior citizen and just celebrated a birthday! I keep on fighting with letters to express what’s in my heart with human feelings and deep concern for the population of all senior citizens. As Americans we deserve no false promise but the truth because we are at war and today we live in a troubled world. The attacks on the World Trade Center will be a memory of history, and the heroes show great courage with their efforts of recovered bodies. One person was our Mayor Glenn Cunningham of Jersey City. He knew his job because all marines have a mission of leadership!

You know Mother’s Day is just around the corner because I say this: remember their love is a treasure! I like to thank you when I see my article in the Jersey City Reporter!

Thank you and God Bless America!

Louis V. Saliceti
Mayor’s Commission on Senior Affairs


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