Give Liberty State Park back to the people of NJ

Dear Editor;

The Liberty State Park Development Corporation is sticking it to the taxpayers in the amount of $833,000 for their failure pay off state backed bonds with parking lot fees. That fact alone should have the public outraged but even sadder is the fact that they are now having high powered lawyers and lobbyists fighting to keep the state from abolishing this Development Corporation.

For years the public called for the park to be run like all the other state parks without middlemen and developers in charge but left to the professional stewardship of the State’s Parks and Forestry Dept. No the political powerbrokers could not get their hands out of this cookie jar. to much potential.

This Real Estate is the best on the “Gold Coast” behind the “Statue” across from “The Skyline”, four million visitors a yearwe can build pay parking lots, commercial amphitheaters, private marinas, water parks and golf courses! But the public said we just want a “Free, Open and Green Park” and has stopped most of the development plans.

Now that the Liberty State Park Development Corporation has been caught by an audit reportedly short changing the cookie jar to the tune of $833.000. It is time for the political powerbrokers, lawyers and lobbyists to get out of the park and give it all back to the people of the State of New Jersey.

John Tichenor


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