The Women’s March on Washington

Dear Editor:

I am proud to announce that Hoboken is sending two busloads of people to The Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 21, 2017, on the Great Mall in Washington DC. The march is intended to let our incoming administration know, that the citizens of this country will not tolerate the rhetoric of hatred, racism, and bigotry that permeated our election season, and now, beyond. The right to protest is our democratic right and one of the reasons this country has survived many dark periods of history from its inception to present day.

Protesting is a way to make our voices and concerns heard. It is a way to invigorate the grass roots to, when necessary, get out the vote and exercise their privilege to cast their ballot.

We invite all people of Hoboken who are interested in attending this march to do the following:

1.  Write a check for $50 per person to cover the cost of the bus ticket. The check should be made out to The Women’s March – Hoboken

2.  Send your check with a list of names of the people other than yourself that you may be bringing. Please also include your e mail address so that we can stay in contact.

3.  Mail your check to Liz Cohen 235 Garden St., Hoboken, NJ 07030. Please mail your check and information as quickly as possible because the buses are rapidly filling up.

If you are unable to attend the march, but would like to sponsor someone who wants to attend-

Write a check to The Women’s March – Hoboken and write donation on it. Then please mail it to the address above. We are, also, looking for local businesses who would be willing to donate food and water to our marchers. It will be a long day for all of us and sustenance will be required! Any business owners interested should contact me at We look forward to working with you all and will acknowledge and thank each and every business making these generous donations.

I believe through this action of love, civility, respect, and inclusion that we are standing with and for our neighbors. This march is a way for our great city to show that it intends to uphold and fight for the values that make our society work.

I look forward to hearing from many of you and I look forward to attending this historical moment with you all in Washington DC on Jan. 21, 2017.

I would like to thank my co-organizer Barbara Gross and Geri Fallo for booking our buses and Laura Knittel for being our data entry expert! Without these hard working women, we would probably not have made this action take place.

Liz Cohen