Split verdict in Jersey City school board race

JERSEY CITY – The biggest upset in the Jersey City Board of Education race came in the Ward B special election where Chris L. Gadsden with 2,164 votes upset incumbent John J. Hallanan III who had 1,874 votes. Lekendrick Shaw came in third with 595.
In the Board of Education election, Teachers Union-backed Education Matters managed to get two of its three candidates elected with Angel L. Valentin leading a field of ten candidates with 16,308, followed by his running mate, Sudhan Thomas, with 16,033. Luis Felipe Fernandez from the competing ticket, Jersey City United came in third with 13,534.
Voters approved two referendums, one which will move municipal elections from May to June, 16,035 to 11,748, and a second that will establish a city open space trust fund, 15,317 to 10,120.

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