We are Parents United

Dear Editor:
Parents United (3-6-5), is the energized and committed group of Hoboken community leaders who want a child focused and results oriented agenda for Hoboken’s children. We are dedicated to raising the level of education in our district public schools by emphasizing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), by working to create a shared best practices guide, collaborating with community stakeholders and utilizing the human capital that is the larger Hoboken community.
The children, parents, taxpayers and community deserve an educational system that unlocks a child’s potential and opens the door to a bright future. Parents United cares about our children 365 days a year and will separate the middle school and high school, stop the HoLa lawsuit, and bring community unity and a focus on the education of the students to the forefront where it belongs. Parents United are Hoboken residents and taxpayers, district and public charter school parents, lifelong residents and parents who chose Hoboken later in life. Our big tent coalition of residents are from Castle Point and the west side, are educators and executives, made up of single parents and married couples – we are Hoboken, we are parents, and we are united for the children.
If you value improving test scores, building a bright future for all of Hoboken’s kids by implementing student focused spending, and keeping Board of Education taxes from increasing, vote for Parents United on election day. The Board of Education needs member who will help heal the divisions in our community, we bring the new blood with a fresh perspective to get the job done. Thank you for your support.
Vote 3-6-5
Jessica Nelson
Francis “Chipper” Benway
Jennifer Rossini

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