Forward Together with proven leaders

Dear Editor:
Strong public schools = a strong community. The Hoboken Public Schools are getting stronger every day. Amazing things are happening. Progress and renewed pride can be seen everywhere: Parent satisfaction, staff development, facilities improvements, and exciting new programs in a safe and nurturing environment.
The Forward Together team has been there, working for you, every step of the way. We are parents, volunteers and dedicated Board Trustees. We are also involved in many other community organizations like the Hoboken Public Library, the Hoboken Family Alliance, The Hoboken Special Needs Parents Group and the PTOs. We fully understand the amazing potential and challenges in the Hoboken Public Schools and have worked hard to provide students and staff with the tools necessary for success.
We have invested in the classroom with innovative new programs that support every child: Project Lead the Way STEM for K-12, expanded Gifted & Talented and Response to Intervention, as well as a Universal After School Enrichment and Dinner Program, which is available to all students regardless of income or special needs.
We have budgeted wisely to provide support for a growing public school district and three charter schools, with transparent hiring practices, savings and efficiencies and successfully obtaining grants. Tax increases have been made only when necessary to support growth in the public and charter schools and cover increased costs. Tax dollars are directed into the classroom.
We have built and strengthened crucial community partnerships. Existing relationships (with Stevens, for example) have never been stronger and new ones are added every day. Expanding our network of community partnerships provides many opportunities to our staff and students and allows our students to shine in the community.
We have added new communication vehicles to keep parents informed and provide bridges to the community, like the Genesis Parent Portal, weekly newsletters, BoardDocs online and video BOE meetings and social media like Facebook and Twitter.
We have created 21st century learning environments with new science labs, robotic labs, gardens, playgrounds, new HHS track and turf field, Aquaponics Farm and exploring solutions for a thriving Middle School program
We understand that students succeed when the community is behind them – whether in the classroom or on the field, in the theater or in the lab. We are always there to cheer them on!
We are also proud of attracting and hiring Dr. Christine Johnson, an innovative and forward-thinking Superintendent who will move the district to new heights. We will continue to support Dr. Johnson, backing her budget, staffing and programming initiatives in words and in action.
The way to keep moving forward is with a strong plan and focused resources. Please support the Forward Together ticket so that we can work together with Superintendent Johnson to continue a clear mission of student success and high expectations.
Public service is truly a privilege and requires dedication and commitment. We have a proven track record of dedication and we will continue to honor this commitment to the community.

Forward Together 1-2-4
Jennifer Evans
Sheillah Dallara
Irene Sobolov

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