In defense of Donald Trump

Dear Editor:
I’d like to respond to Tony Squire’s letter of Oct. 30, “Reject trump’s fear-mongering and scapegoating” – while I respect his point of view and Clinton endorsement, I duly expect equal time to defend Donald J. Trump.
Without getting politically long-winded, here are just 10 reasons that Mrs. Clinton can’t touch — and why Americans should vote for Donald J. Trump to restore Greatness to America Again:
1. He is not your ordinary politician. Yes, Trump is different. Guess what? That’s a good thing. His ideas – e.g., a sound immigration policy, returning manufacturing jobs to America, negotiating better trade deals – are not at all radical, but do go against the Washington status-quo.
2. Trump is not reliant on donors. Not relying on donors is crucial. No one will own Trump. Trump is proof that special interest and lobbyist money doesn’t buy an office. Hillary has been given millions by terrorist-supporting nations and Wall St.
3. He speaks for us little people. Hate to break it to ya’ – but we don’t have much of a voice. We have politicians who will throw us meaningless bones, corny platitudes about the “American dream”, and make big promises they will never keep. At the end of the day, all do their donors’ bidding, and the bidding of Big Business and Lobbyists.
4. Make no mistake, there is an establishment plot against him. The establishment really, really doesn’t want him – but Americans want change.
5. Diplomacy. We also keep hearing Trump isn’t “diplomatic.” Trump is willing to sit across the table and actually talk to Vladimir Putin, while we have other GOP contenders calling a hugely popular First World nation’s leader a “thug.”
6. His business accomplishments. Shocker! Imagine having a president who has actually built and created things! Imagine having a president with a proven track record as an enormously successful businessman.
7. He’s pro-women. In the plot to take down Trump, one of the first tactics tried was to cast him as anti-women. But Trump has worked with many peers and sparred against many rivals –male and female alike– and thus actually shows he treats women as equals.
8. His policies are spot-on, particularly immigration. On immigration, the most critical issue facing America, the facts are 87 percent Illegal Immigration Families On Welfare, 72 percent of Legal Immigrants on Welfare.
9. Many Latinos love him. Speaking of Jorge Ramos…. The media keeps insisting Latinos despise Trump. Except, we don’t. In fact, many of us love him. Myriam Wichter, the Columbian immigrant from the recent Las Vegas Trump rally, is not an anomaly.
10. Trump will significantly lower taxes. Why do corporations and companies leave the United States? It’s because this nation has the highest corporate tax rate in the world: 35 percent. donald Trump will reduce that tax to 15 percent which would highly stimulate job production and a GNP (Gross National Product) of 4 or 5 percent – helping the US to get out of its $19.6 Trillion debt.
The Facts are Clear – A Vote for Donald J. Trump Will Make America Great Again.
Thank you,
John Amato

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