Alonso for school board

To the Editor:

As a lifelong resident of Bayonne, I have always been deeply concerned with the quality of education in our city.

That is why I led the effort two years ago to bring about an elected school board in our town. When faced with opposition from City Hall, I even went to court on behalf of the people of Bayonne to accomplish this result for the benefit of the taxpayers, parents, and students in our community.
Now the people of Bayonne can choose to have the final say in how our school system is run, and how our tax dollars are spent. But they must go to the polls on Election Day in November, and make their voices heard. The voters must elect independents to the school board, not the handpicked political hacks who are currently sitting on the Board. They are the wrong people for the job.

Our school system is being mismanaged by those currently on the board.

We need new trustees on the Board of Education. We need independents who are committed to high academic standards for students while also being committed to protecting the taxpayer from unnecessarily high, bloated budgets. This is not being inconsistent. This is being competent.

On November 8, vote for Michael Alonso – 9J on the ballot. It’s time to have a School Board committed to competency and common sense.

Candidate for School Board

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