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5-year-old boy killed in car accident on Bayonne Extension

Adrian Lopez, a five-year-old boy from Bayonne, died in a car accident on the NJ Turnpike Saturday while traveling in the back seat of a Saturn Ion, according to authorities. Around 7:20 a.m. at mile marker 2.7 near exit 14A on the Hudson Bay Extension of the Turnpike, a Chevy pickup truck rear-ended the Saturn, which was driven by Paulino Lopez, Adrian’s father, who suffered a broken back and concussion, and was carrying two other passengers, a 24-year old man and a six-year-old girl. All four were taken to Jersey City Medical Center, where the five-year-old later died.
Mayor James Davis wrote on his Facebook page, “My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the child who passed in this tragic accident. As a father of three boys my heart bleeds for the family of this child. May his innocent soul rest in eternal peace.”
A fundraising page has been set up for the Lopez family. To donate, visit:

Wind turbine temporarily out of service

The wind turbine went out of service this week after the Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) determined a rotor brake needs replacement. The 260-foot turbine, which provides 3.3 gigawatt hours of electricity per year and went into operation in June of 2012, broke down for three months starting in March of 2015 due to a broken bearing. The turbine should be back up and running in about a week. SUEZ has a 40-year deal with the MUA, which provides $3 million annually for maintenance. This repair will be covered using those maintenance funds.

Warning issued after rabid raccoon caught in Bayonne

The Bayonne Division of Health issued a warning last week after a rabid raccoon was found in Hudson County Park. Residents are urged to keep a close eye on their pets and avoid approaching any wildlife. If you see any animals acting erratically, contact the Police Department at (201) 858-6900.
According to the Center for Disease Control, raccoons, skunks, foxes, and coyotes are most often infected with rabies in the U.S. Signs that an animal is infected with rabies are enhanced aggression or irritability as well as foaming at the mouth, and animals that are usually nocturnal, such as the raccoon, may be out during the day. On average, only one or two people die per year in the United States from rabies, but pets are far more at risk, so be sure to get your pets vaccinated and watch out for rabid animals.

Assemblyman Chiaravalloti has first bill signed into law

31st District Assemblyman, Nicholas Chiaravalloti, who represents Bayonne and parts of Jersey City, had his first bill signed into law. The new law, sponsored by Chiaravalloti, appropriates federal and state funds for the 2017 infrastructure financing program, which is expected to finance about $411.3 million in environmental infrastructure projects throughout New Jersey. $295.1 million is earmarked for loans to fund clean water projects, and $116 million will be available for drinking water project loans.

Olympian honored in Bayonne

Jonathan Gomez, the St. Peter’s Prep and St. Peter’s University alumnus and Bayonne Scarlet Aquatics star, and now Olympic athlete, was honored at the Bayonne Museum on August 17 by the Bayonne Hispanic Association. Mayor James Davis dedicated the day of August 19 in Bayonne in Gomez’s honor.
Although he placed fifth in the preliminary heat with a personal best time of 1:56.65, Gomez, who swims for his native Colombia, did not advance past the semifinals. On Monday, August 8, he placed eighth in the 200-meter butterfly with a time of 1:57.47, going up against Hungary’s Tamas Kenderesi who finished first, followed by Michael Phelps in second.
Gomez said, “It was a great experience in Rio, but now I’m getting ready for Tokyo.” He said he enjoyed his stay in Rio, visiting Christ the Redeemer and Copacabana Beach. “The city was beautiful,” he said. “From the mountain there’s a view of the whole city.”
He’s currently taking a vacation but said, “I don’t want to take it for too long, no more than two weeks so your body stays strong.” Next up is the 25-meter International Swimming Federation (FINA) Swimming World Championship in Windsor, Ontario in December, otherwise known as the “Short Course.”
Of his competitor and friend, Ryan Lochte, who vandalized a gas station and lied about it, he said, “It’s kind of sad what happened. I think they’re making too big of a deal over it.”
Gomez is planning on attending Southern Methodist University in Dallas starting in September on academic scholarship, and will graduate in 2018, leaving two years to train for Tokyo.

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