Unnecessary battle?

Dear Editor:
In the 3/27 edition of The Hoboken Reporter an article appeared regarding the squabble between Dawn Zimmer and Jersey City Councilwoman Osborne regarding racks for bike share bicycles. I cannot imagine, compared to securing hundreds of millions of dollars for flood control or redesigning Washington Street that an answer regarding bike racks should remain out of reach. If these two want to stalemate a seemingly easily solvable issue I suggest they join the forces in Washington. Congress has plenty of practice in this and can show Ms. Zimmer and Ms. Osborne the ropes.
Hoboken has agreed to pay for the racks – Jersey City needs to find sensible locations. Hoboken may need to set more racks in town to accommodate flow from Jersey City. Frankly, the common good of 30,000 trips since October in Hoboken alone should propel the effort to work this out and expand both programs. This can’t be that complicated. Ordinances, tickets or confiscation of bikes are not solutions.

Steve Schmid

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