Today’s young men

Dear Editor:
What a pity (Consent and sex on campus, April 24) that young men have to be “counseled” about when a girl means yes and when she means no. All over the country, one hears, campus sexual assault is a serious problem. A serious problem! In my day it wasn’t. So what’s going on? In my day, the girl didn’t have to say anything. The slightest indication that she was uncomfortable told the young man (assuming he was properly brought up) to arrest his hand from whatever part of her body he was seeking to explore. In fact, the alert young man, to avoid a humiliating rebuff, would let her make the first move.
So what’s going on with today’s young men who won’t take no for an answer? Well, look at America’s leaders, who should be his role models: time and again, year after year, they force themselves on weaker countries and grab what they want.

T. Weed

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