Your dog’s business is your business

To the Editor:

I am appalled by the lack of consideration on the part of dog owners who do not pick up after their pets. As I walk my dog in County Park I notice dog feces on the grassy areas along the paths and around the tennis courts. Most of the offenders are owners of large pets as evidenced by the size of their pet’s feces. I am sure that 85 percent of the dog owners pick up after their pets; it is the 15 percent who anger me. These “above the law” owners feel that they do not have to be good citizens. This attitude is totally unacceptable. All they have to do is carry a plastic bag with them, clean up after their pet and dispose of the bag in any of the trash barrels located along the paths of the park and along the avenues in Bayonne.
To those inconsiderate dog owners I address this plea: Please pick up after your pets. The park and city streets are for everyone. Be good citizens and do your part to keep both safe places to walk and enjoy.


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