Parking madness

To the Editor:

I would like the people on 30th Street between Broadway and Avenue C to be aware that someone on that block has vandalized my car. I was parked there overnight. I was in front of a house, a regular parking spot on the street. The person wrote on three pieces of computer paper in black marker and crazy glued it to the back of my car, calling me all kinds of names, which I can’t mention in this letter. The person seemed very angry as he put many, many exclamation points after his notes. I’m sure the person must have done it at night, so no one would see them. I call that a coward and other choice names that I cannot mention in this letter. I would just like the people on 30th Street to be aware of what’s going on and to keep your eyes open for this person because I really feel I’m not the first one they have done this to. No one owns the parking spot in front of your house or on the street. It’s just not right, and I feel that’s where the anger came from. They were just mad that I was in that spot.


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