Bad Santas: bar crawl sees upsurge in crime, totaling nine arrests, 60-70 summonses

Revelers in Santa Claus costumes were out in full force on Saturday, Dec. 19 during Hoboken’s second annual “Ho Ho Hoboken SantaCon,” leading to nine arrests and 60-70 summonses. Of the nine arrests, four were for disorderly conduct, two for aggravated assault, and three for driving while intoxicated.
While not as frantic as the recent Leprecon Day (a drunken celebration that has replaced the defunct St. Patrick’s Day celebration and parade), SantaCon drew scrutiny when the organizer – who has not been identified – stopped honoring pre-paid wristbands for drink discounts around 2 p.m.
The organizer said online that the bar crawl was for charity.
“Because of the times of the events and the fact it was the Saturday before Christmas, [we saw more crime],” Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante told The Hoboken Reporter. “The [wristbands] cost a $25 fee, with 50 percent supposedly going to the Boys and Girls Club. I don’t think it’s an appropriate thing to donate $12.50 [for each ticket] and think they have right to come to the city and act disorderly and create a hindrance for business and residents.”
No officers were injured during the bar crawl, but one citizen was knocked out cold on Washington Street. Police are investigating the altercation.
Ferrante said this year’s SantaCon by far exceeded last year’s in terms of chaos. Last year New York held its own SantaCon at the same time and drew most bar patrons there. This year, New York’s event was a week earlier.

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