Prove your Frank Sinatra fanaticism by buying his birthplace

HOBOKEN – How much of a Frank Sinatra fan are you? Enough to buy the place where he was born 100 years ago?
Days after Ol’ Blue Eyes’ centennial, the owner of 415 Monroe St. — the site of the apartment building where Frank Sinatra was born — told that the family is selling the property.
Although Frank Palmisano, 82, and former Hoboken police officer, was not available for comment, he told that the family uses the lot to park their cars. He added that his family pays taxes on the land, and he would like to see his family reap the benefits of the sale while he’s still alive.
A Hollywood Blvd-type bronze star is located on the sidewalk adjacent to the site. The town also has a Sinatra museum exhibit that’s looking for a permanent home (hint hint) and a post office named after the crooner. The owner purchased the home from the city with his brother after a fire in 1967 that killed six people, four of them children. Following the fire, the city condemned the four-story unit.

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