Hudson County sheriff’s officer on leave after anti-Muslim tirade, says ‘Get out my country’

WEST NEW YORK — An officer with the Hudson County Sheriff’s office has been placed on administrative leave after apparently writing an angry, profanity-laced tirade on a friend’s Facebook page last month, news sources reported in the last last week. broke the story just before the Thanksgiving holiday, but after it was picked up Monday by the New York Daily News and other sources, it spread to outlets around the world.
The officer made his comments in response to a comment on a friend’s Facebook page. The officer posted, according to a screenshot of the post, “That guy is a __ idiot. He needs to educate himself. He’s either with us or against us. ___ him and his people….A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. ___ the Kuran [sic] ___ the Muslims ___ the terrorist. Trump for president. ___ on the mosques. Tear them all down. We sccomedate [sic] too many of those people here.” He then addressed a specific person, saying, “Get out my country, yes My Mutha ___ country you ___…”
County Sheriff Frank Schillari responded in a statement, saying, “Comments like these are in no way reflective of my views or the views of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office and they run contrary to our mission of making Hudson County safer for everyone,,,It is absolutely unacceptable to me for any member of this department to disparage any race, religion or ethnic group no matter the forum or the medium.”
According to, a West New York history teacher had angered the officer with a previous comment on Facebook. The two had known each other for some time. reported that the officer has since apologized for the rant, and the teacher has forgiven him.
The officer told that he is a disabled war veteran and is tired of fearing for his life due to terrorism. He said he didn’t mean to anger “good” Muslims and was referring to terrorists.
The officer turned in his weapon and is on paid leave, allowing him the time to respond to the allegations and to download Spellcheck.

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