Does Your Family Practice Mindful Eating?

Be honest, are you in such a rush every day that you feel like you’re running in circles? If so, you’re not alone. Let’s chat about how mindful eating can help you slow down and get the most out of your meals.

What Is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating involves a few basic ideas:
● Making healthy food choices
● Eating in a calm environment
● Chewing carefully
● Allowing time for proper digestion
In today’s world it can be difficult to practice mindful eating. We’re frequently rushing about and fast food chains are on every corner. Let’s face it… the majority of food we consume is not exactly delectable gourmet fare.
However, the rewards of mindful eating far outweigh the sacrifices we might make to practice it. Here are five reasons why mindful eating is a worthwhile endeavor:
1) Eating mindfully allows you to slow down and be more aware of what you’re eating. When you are more aware of the connection between the brain and the stomach, you will have a better sense when you are full. This often has the pleasant side effect of weight loss.
2) Eating in a calm environment (that means no TV, computers, driving, etc.) allows you to fully enjoy your food. The environment in which we eat has a large impact on the foods we choose. The junk food you craved may not seem as appealing when it’s not accompanied by your favorite TV show.
3) Mindful eating helps to prevent emotional eating. Whether you’re eating because of boredom, depression, or anxiety, mindful eating will help you to break the habit of eating as a distraction from your feelings.
4) Mindful eating signals your body that you are not in stress mode. When the body is relaxed digestion improves. What does this mean in the short term? Less bloating, indigestion, and other undesirable effects of eating without paying attention.
5) Mindful eating helps manage portion control. Large portions are common in many restaurants, and that standard has made its way to our dinner tables. Practicing mindful eating allows you to better understand the amount of food your body needs to feel satiated. This leads to improved portion control.
You may be thinking: “This is a great theory, but who has time for mindful eating?” I promise it’s not too difficult! Try to practice mindful eating at one meal a week. Turn the TV off, and perhaps even ask that there be no talking for the first several minutes of the meal. If this seems overwhelming, you can try even smaller exercises. One woman practices mindful “eating” while drinking her afternoon tea. The point is you can start small… just start!
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