Board of Excuses

To the Editor:

May 5-9 was “Teacher Appreciation Week.” No person would ever enter this noble profession unless the individual enjoys and loves children. They also are well aware that their efforts will have a significant impact on a student’s future and the community in general.
The B.O.E will verify these statements without reservation. At school meetings, the implication from administrators is that other cities should “envy” our students’ achievements. In the coming days, newspaper articles will relate the “millions” of dollars in financial aid earned by the class of 2014.
All this is impressive. Yet the Board of Excuses (BOE) pleads “no money” to settle the teachers’ contract 2010-2014. Even worse, these dedicated and caring faculty members are portrayed to the public as selfish, greedy, and unwilling to compromise. This could not be further from the truth.
Here are some questions: where is the money budgeted over the past four years to settle the contract? Where is the money from previous tax increases? Where did the money come from to provide increments in thousands of dollars to the police and fire unions?
This letter is not meant to be argumentative. My position is simply: “How can students be first, if teachers are last?” Or did I miss something?

Guidance Counselor

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