Bayonne School Board … not all bad

To the Editor:

I have sat in on quite a few Bayonne School Board meetings now and have had my ear to many members of our community, and the words I hear often aren’t praising.
My issue is not that important comparatively. However, my reason for attending the meeting was to get some clarification. I was awarded the time and a podium and when I spoke about my issue directly to the board they responded appropriately and acted immediately. In addition, it was encouraging to learn that the board shared my view about how “expanding the market with local vendors would be beneficial to our community.”
Often we go into things with a predisposition and in my case refused to believe a certain group would be reasonable. In editorials we are quick to write the negative, yet rarely do we read anything positive. Again, I have to say thank you to all the members of the Bayonne School Board for being fair and granting a resolution. Also, a special thanks to Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Robert Craig for his assistance.


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