Thanks to everyone who helped with my surgery!

To the Editor:

Hello my name is Ciara Amaya Torres. I had surgery August 8 at Bayonne Medical Center. I am seven years old, and I am writing this letter to thank the people who helped me on the day of my surgery. Ella is really nice because she helped me that day and she made sure my parents were comfortable. Dorobis let me play with her toys and said nice things to me. Gail let me play with her Ipad. Marisol gave me nice presents. Dawn was with me the whole time and she kept me happy and warm and cuddly and took good care of me before, during and after surgery. Dona was the best because she made sure I was all right during my stay at the hospital. Dr. Rocamboli was nice and comforting; he let me play with the anesthesia mask before surgery and gave me anesthesia and medicine for pain. They all deserve a fish; they all made sure I was taken good care of and was comfortable.


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