Quality of a safe life in Jersey City is quickly diminishing

Dear Editor:
Jersey City has become a war zone since the new Mayor took charge at the helm. Murders and shooting have escalated into epidemic proportions, with the only solution of gun control, or the buy back gun policy, endorsed by the previous Mayor Healy and Mayor Fulop.
Chicago has the toughest gun control on the books in any major city in the United States, and murders, by a gun is the highest per capita. It just doesn’t work, a thief, a criminal, a murderer the unstable, the unconscionable will always find a way to obtain a gun and no law is going to stop them. Why would a law stop a sociopath who disobeys the law as a way of life?
The so-called gun control laws will not deter violence or protect the populous. It will not keep them off the streets; it will not stop murders or crimes. It will definitely not keep it out of the hands of the unlawful that prey on the innocent. It will not guarantee safety and security
Jersey City was never the safest municipality to live in but it seems as though over the years it has been progressively getting worse. The Healy Administration hid their eyes constantly on the malicious threat faced everyday by their constituents. We were given results, calculations, graphs and statistics that crime was decreasing, yet any resident knew the obvious reality that your life was in constant extreme danger anytime, especially in the cover of darkness. Most never left their homes, some weren’t even safe in their own homes.
Now it’s Mayor Fulop’s turn in the barrel. So far under his short watch murder has been a way of life. The positives are the sweeping arrests and his appointment of James Shea, as the new Public Safety Director, hired from a different municipality. This is good because most of the time promoting department heads within breeds’ familiarity. This person though is wearing two hats Police and Fire, which should be separate. He was the Deputy Police Chief of New York; he’s a police officer not a fire fighter.
Are we so naive as to claim the authorities and our government are capable of protecting us from harm or injury at the hands of the demented or violent offender, without our help? Nothing will change if we keep putting our heads in the sand. We the residents, churches, schools and communities must stand together and address the problem.
We must make Mayor Fulop’s and his administration accountable and hold their feet to the fire. We must take nothing for granted, because our quality of a safe life here in Jersey City is rapidly diminishing. We must get involved, and become the extended eyes and ears of the police. Well ware this is a difficult task because cooperation in the past has been slim to none on all levels of our city government. This must change, for the good of all, new administration, new beginning with hopefully new results?

William P. Frasca
Jersey City, N.J.

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