Jersey City book store supplies books for ‘Orange is the New Black’

JERSEY CITY AND BEYOND – The new Netflix TV series Orange Is the New Black, about an unsuspecting woman who ends up in prison, has a Jersey City connection. The producers contacted local independent book store Jersey City Free Books for books to use as props, and the store complied.
“A member of the production staff subsequently came to the shop and selected books,” said owner Anthony Olszewski by email. “As luck would have it, another person from the show emailed today. He wants to stop by to get more books. A truck and driver is outside right now … Though Jersey City Free Books does provide animators and other artists with books (nearly all of which would not be used by others), the primary goal is enabling reading. At first, I was uncertain about releasing numbers of general books for props. After I researched the show, I was eager to help. I grew up in Jersey City PG (PreGentrification). Incarceration was a common experience then. For many, many people in the United States, prison is a very harsh reality. I’m glad that Orange Is the New Black — even maybe just a little — is giving the general population a chance to glance in that window.”
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