“Winners on the Field” response

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Mr. Sal Clappsy’s letter “Winners on the Field!” In part his comments were totally on the mark. Our softball league, which at one time boasted 28 teams with four divisions, is now down to a precious six teams.
This once prolific league was home to close to 300 women! We now number under 100 and our numbers are dwindling each year.
I have been blessed to have participated in this league since the late Donald Ahern, Sr. began running a league for girls in 1967. For six decades I have personally witnessed some of the premiere female athletes participate in this league at one point or another.
So, what is my complaint with Mr. Clappsy’s letter? He states that only one team should be commended for their efforts. I find that untrue. There are six teams in this league: “On the Rocks,” “Fully Loaded,” Venice Vamps,” Diamonds.” Latino Heat,” and “Mixed Chixs.”
To say that only one team “goes out there week after week and gives their best effort” is shortchanging the efforts of the other five teams and not fully exposing the efforts of an entire league.
I can also attest to the fact that all the teams “manage to have fun” in this league. My wish is that an official of our league could have recognized the efforts of everyone involved.

“On the Rocks” Manager

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