We deserve the right to vote

Letter to Editor

Everyone can disagree on why we need an elected school board, but the bottom line is, we all deserve a choice. The current system is broken. Parents, teachers, students, taxpayers, mothers, grandparents, and residents are not allowed to choose their own school board members. Right now, Bayonne is 1 of 20 school districts that are not allowed to vote on these nine people. These nine people are appointed by the mayor and have no accountability to us. But together, we can change that and that is what this is all about. Returning the power to the residents and giving a voice to help protect the future of our children. You can make a difference right now by calling (201) 455-7090 to sign the petition or get involved and by signing up for our email list, by sending an email to BayonneSBC@gmail.com with the email address you want it sent to. “Like” us on Facebook for updates and news facebook.com/BayonneSchoolBoardChoice.


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