Woman allegedly bites cop during arrest

Diane Priore, 53, of Jersey City, was charged on July 27 with obstruction of a governmental function, four counts of aggravated assault against police officers, resisting arrest, and the alleged use of a controlled dangerous substance.
The police report said that a narcotics squad observed Priore via binoculars making some kind of transaction with an unknown male near Avenue C near the Jersey City boarder. According to the report, Priore allegedly gave the man money in exchange for something he took out of his sock, put the item in her purse, and as she walked back to Bayonne appeared to put something up to her nose and inhale.
The narcotics officers attempted to question Priore, but, according to the report, she walked away from them yelling that she had done nothing wrong.
According to the report, when the police tried to arrest her, she resisted and allegedly kicked one of the officers in the groin, and allegedly bit the back of the other officer’s arm, drawing blood. When finally subdued, she allegedly noticed the blood and allegedly told the officer that she hoped he got AIDS.
The police sergeant was taken to Bayonne Medical Center for treatment. The woman was also transported to the hospital for lacerations and bruising, which, according to the report, was the result of the struggle. She was also apparently tested for AIDS which police said came back negative.

Drug bust after alleged Avenue C deal

Michael Gagnon, 39, of Bayonne was arrested in August on a variety of charges.
On July 26, officers from the Bayonne narcotics squad reported seeing Gagnon stop to pick up Carl Forster, 46, of Bayonne near Avenue C and Andrews Street. The car went around the block and stopped to let Forester out. According to the police report, officers saw Gagnon hand something to Forester, which Forster put into his front right pocket, which, according to the report, allegedly turned out to be three pain pills in a clear plastic bag.
Detectives waited at Gagnon’s residence until he pulled up and then arrested him. A search, according to the report, allegedly turned up drugs on him as well as $318 in cash that was seized as suspected drug money. A search of his residence allegedly uncovered bags of marijuana and a digital scale.
Gagnon faces more than a dozen charges that include possession of Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) and possession with intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school and 500 feet of a park.
Forester was charged with possession of a CDS.

Man arrested three times in three weeks

Police said they were called to a residence on 57th Street on July 31 on a report that there was an unconscious man in a car.
The police arrived shortly after 10 a.m. and reported finding Bryan Orminston in the passenger side of a 2013 silver Ford double parked. With the arrival of EMTs, Orminston regained consciousness. According to the police report, he seemed dazed, confused, and lethargic, but he allegedly became combative, even when the police called his father to assist.
According to the police report Orminston tried to push past a police officer and was wrestled to the ground, where he allegedly continued to struggle even after police administered a short burst of pepper spray. He was handcuffed and brought to Bayonne Medical Center for treatment and observation. He faces charges of disorderly conduct, four charges of aggravated assault against police officers, and resisting arrest.
Three days prior to this episode, on July 28, Orminston was arrested along with Jason Olavaria, 23, of Bayonne on charges of burglary and possession of a CDS, as well as being under the influence.
A woman called police after she came home to an apartment she was moving out of to find the men allegedly partying there. Police responding to the call of a burglary in progress found the two men walking up the street from the direction of the apartment.
Both men were arrested. A search of Olavaria allegedly produced a glass bottle with wet green vegetation in it that is believed to be PCP-laced marijuana.
Both men were sent to the Judicial Processing Center in Jersey City and then to the Hudson County Correctional Facility in Kearny.
Orminston also had a run-in with police on July 13 in a ticket dispute near a fire scene on West 57th Street. According to the police report, Orminston objected to the officer issuing the summons on his double-parked red pickup truck. When the officer tried to pull away, Orminston allegedly cursed and spit through the open passenger window on the officer’s arm.
According to the police report, during an attempt to arrest him, Orminston resisted but was eventually handcuffed and sent to Hudson County Correctional Facility.

Soda deliverymen charged in theft

Charles Gabriel, 46, of Toms River and John Clarke, 46, of Garfield were changed on July 31 with allegedly attempting to take four cases of Red Bull energy drink from the 53rd Street Quick Chek while they were making a delivery of Coca Cola.
The store manager, as indicated in the police report, reported that the two men had allegedly tried to leave the store with a case of Red Bull disguised in trash. Two more cases of Red Bull were allegedly found in the truck later. The total value was placed at $248.40. The truck was turned over to the fleet owner, and both men were released with summonses.

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