Policies on Municipal Vehicles

Dear Editor:
Having been a Union City tax payer for well over 30 years I wanted to comment on the policy in our community which authorizes free rides in the Union City Senior Citizen vehicle for the residents of Troy Towers on Mountain Road.
This just doesn’t make sense to me. New Jersey TRANSIT buses pass by this building numerous times during the day.
It is common knowledge that the residents of the east side of Union City and Weehawken have much better bus service then those of us who live on the forgotten west side of Union City along with lower North Bergen.
Despite my concern about this, our current Union City mayor refuses to intervene in this important matter.
Can someone please explain to me why our Union City mayor supports this policy of class warfare
wizardry the residents of the building on our community who are certainly among the most affluent among us and still entitled to a service that all Union City taxpayers are subsidizing.
Back in 1986 when to my utter shock I was asked to become the director of the senior citizens program in Union City one of the first things I had to do was instruct one of our bus drivers that we could no longer use one of our vehicles to pick up his wife at work. I explained to both of them that it was a question of the insurance liability on the municipal vehicle should God forbid some sort of accident might occur.
In closing, it might be a good idea for our current mayor to have a chitchat with the individual responsible for overseeing the municipal insurance policies of our great city.

Tom Regan