Hoboken preliminary results: Kids First wins school board, rent control will stay, elections moved to November, runoffs eliminated

HOBOKEN — Preliminary results are in from the Hoboken elections. Provisional and absentee ballots may change close races.

Winners of the three school board seats:
Kluepfel 3,426
Mitchell 3,223
McAllister 3,498
Kids First wins all three.
Oland 2,513
Markevitch 2,844
Vazquez 2,488
Waiters 987

Public Question 1
To eliminate runoff elections
Yes 7,621
No 5,295

Question 2
To eliminate rent control when a current tenant leaves
No 6,975
Yes 6,444
This does not include absentee and provisional; these are close but “no” is considered the likely outcome right now.

Question 3
To move mayor/council elections from May to November
Yes 8,475
No 2,485

All of the candidates and answers supported by Mayor Dawn Zimmer were victorious, a positive sign for her when she runs for re-election next year.

Because of the question 3 vote, the current mayor and three council-at-large members will now extend their terms from next May to next November.

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