HOBOKEN UPDATES: Hoboken needs blankets, batteries; where can you help your sick pet; mayor preps for nor’easter; other updates from press conference

HOBOKEN — A hearty band of well-organized volunteers in Hoboken is going door to door to find residents who need help. Meanwhile, the city is preparing for another onslaught from Mother Nature this Wednesday in the form of a nor’easter, possibly even starting Tuesday night.
These bits of information were gleaned from a Monday afternoon press briefing given my Mayor Dawn Zimmer in front of Hoboken City Hall. At the briefing, both residents and members of the press asked questions. Zimmer said she plans to have a briefing outside every afternoon.
Zimmer expressed a concern about an upcoming nor’easter this week. She said that FEMA was working with PSE&G to restore power in every part of town.
She said she was also amidst a conference call involving FEMA and Pres. Barack Obama, who (for those who follow non-storm news) is up for re-election Tuesday.
Those wanting to volunteer to help Hoboken residents may come to Hoboken City Hall. Volunteers are also giving away items to needy people at Hoboken High School at Eighth and Clinton streets.
One volunteer at City Hall said on Monday that the items most needed are blankets, batteries, and flashlights. Other needed items include diapers (especially size 3,4,5); baby food; personal hygiene items such as body wash (preferable to soap because more people can use it) and foods for people on special diets, like diabetic diets and gluten-free. Bring those items to Hoboken High School during the day.
Also at City Hall, the city has been updating a bulletin board with information on everything from whether the water is safe to drink (it is, according to the sign) to which businesses are open to where to get hot food to where to take your sick pets.
Zimmer encouraged people to go to hobokenrelief.org to learn more about how to help.
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