NY Times: Population growing in areas around downtown NY, including Jersey City and Hoboken

HUDSON COUNTY — The New York Times published an article on Friday saying that the neighborhoods around lower Manhattan had experienced great population growth in the years after the 9/11 tragedy, particularly the Newport, Grove Street, and Heights areas of Jersey City. The story also quotes several Hoboken residents about their short commute to lower Manhattan.
The story says:

Already, the number of creative and professional workers (in fields like advertising, media, arts, finance, insurance and real estate) in neighborhoods 30 minutes or less from downtown outnumber those workers who live on Long Island, in Westchester County and in other parts of the Hudson Valley and southern Connecticut, the analysis concluded.
The biggest gains among those workers were in two areas — the Newport-Grove Street-Jersey City Heights area on the New Jersey waterfront and Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, each of which had an increase of more than 10,000 residents.
Kristi Nowicki, an account executive at Aon Global Americas, moved to Hoboken a decade ago because of its proximity to work.
“I’ve gone through several cycles of life in Hoboken, single, married and now we have two children,” she said. “At each change in my life, my husband and I evaluated a move to the ’burbs, but never wanted to do it.”
Adam Mietus, a risk officer at Morgan Stanley, also lives in Hoboken, where he moved in 2007 from Norwalk, Conn. “The move changed my commute from two hours to about 30 minutes,” he recalled. “My wife felt like a single parent before the move, and I was barely seeing my 3-year-old daughter during the week.”

For those who read an earlier version, the Times story has a correction appended because they originally spelled two of the Hobokenites’ names wrong.
The story can be found here.

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