City seals

Dear Editor:
A newspaper poll reveals that 85 percent of the people believe the City Council in Jersey City should override Mayor Healy’s veto regarding the City Vehicle Logo Ordinance.
Mayoral hopeful, front-runner and favorite Steve Fulop has an initiative. It is to place city seals on all non-emergency city vehicles. The City Council adopted the measure 5-4, only to have Healy bully in and void the democratic decision made by the group that was elected to make these types of decisions. Forget about the Faulkner Act. Let’s call this a selfish act.
Fulop plans to organize an override of the veto. In order to do so, he has to look at the Ford Explorer Four and wonder which one might have an inkling of common sense. Remember, 85 percent polled voted that an override is in order.
For example sake, let’s look at Ray Velasquez. Here’s a guy whose tax payer paid car wound up in some pound in New York after it disappeared from in front of his house in Downtown Jersey City? Ray claims that someone stole the keys out of the glove compartment of his personal jeep. How could a thief know they were there? And the glove compartment! Okay, let’s just say no commonsense Ray. Maybe council candidate Velasquez doesn’t really set a good example for the group who may go down in history as the four councilmen who had something to hide. What I think that the 85 percent of the people polled are saying is that they are looking for an independent thinker here, one who makes his own choices and respects the majority of the people because that’s what democracy is all about. Someone, be your own man here.

James Francis Waddleton, lifelong resident

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