Watch the West New York mayor/commission debate here! (Election May 10)

WEST NEW YORK – Last week, The Hudson Reporter hosted an election forum for West New York, attended by all 10 candidates on the two major slates running for Board of Commissioners/mayor this May. In that town, the voters will pick five commissioners, and those commissioners will choose a mayor from among themselves. Voters can choose ANY five commissioners and don’t have to only pick from one slate.
Mayor Sal Vega is running for re-election with his slate. He is opposed by Dr. Felix Roque and his slate. ndependent candidate Ercides Aguasvives was also invited to attend but did not respond.
The candidates responded to provocative questions with topics such as town gang violence and whether the commissioners should get their own city vehicles.
Check out the video HERE and join the discussion by commenting on the video. The election will be held on May 10.

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