10,000 plastic eggs hidden (later found) at Hoboken Housing Authority

HOBOKEN – Hoboken children were treated to an Easter egg hunt at the Hoboken Housing Authority’s Mama Johnson Field on Saturday morning. It might not have been hard for the children to find the first few eggs, as volunteers placed 10,000 candy filled plastic eggs across the field. The event was coordinated by Hoboken Grace Church and the Hoboken Housing Authority.
In addition to the hunt, the festivities included other games and prizes. The event featured bean bag games, egg race tournaments, pictures with the Easter Bunny, face painting, free ice cream, and popcorn.
“I live down the road from here, and this is rather new to us,” said Douglas Peterson, in a press release. Peterson who brought his son De’Karr with him. “We never had an Easter egg hunt of this magnitude before.”
Hoboken Grace Church Pastor Chris High said volunteers posted 5,000 fliers in schools and day care centers around town, according to a release.
“On behalf of the Housing Authority, we are grateful for the work of Grace Church to offer their services this day,” said Housing Authority Executive Director Carmelo Garcia in a release.
Check out some photos on the left. Photos courtesy of All County Media.

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