A heap of thanks to the Chandelier Restaurant

To the Editor:
As a parent, and previous president of the Bayonne High School Choral Parents’ Association, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Chandelier Restaurant for always going above and beyond to support us in our big annual fundraiser. For many years, we have been using the Chandelier Restaurant for our annual “Night of A Thousand Stars” fundraiser. They are always so helpful in making sure our organization gets what they need to make this event the best that it can be.
Not only is their helpfulness appreciated, but they are also to be commended for their outstanding service, most delicious food, and amazing bar for those who wish to keep their spirits high. More importantly, they never treat us with anything less than the utmost professionalism. It is this incredible service that keeps us returning to them year after year for this annual fundraiser.
This year, the Chandelier will help us applaud another three honorees at the BHS Choral Parents’ Association’s “Night of A Thousand Stars.” These shining stars are: Assistant Superintendent of Schools Robert C. Craig, BHS Video Journalism/TV Production Teacher Salvatore Iannaci, and BHS Computer Graphics and Art Teacher Charlann Meluso. Once again, on Friday, March 11, 2011, we will celebrate another night of Bayonne’s “Shining Stars” at an establishment that continues to make this event a successful one.
On behalf of the BHS Choral Parents’ Association, it is with heartfelt appreciation and gratitude that we extend a tremendous “thank you” to Rocky, Carlos, and Victor of the Chandelier, who take responsibility for preparing such a superb event! Without a doubt, the Chandelier Restaurant is one establishment that indeed makes a difference, and one that is highly valued. Words cannot convey how much we appreciate all that they continue to do for this organization, and we thank them immensely!

BHS Choral Parents’ Association

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