UPDATE: Prosecutor’s office will follow up on ‘Shame on You’ segment on Stack

HUDSON COUNTY — The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office will follow up on Wednesday’s night’s Fox 5 News “Shame on You” segment about State Sen. and Union City Mayor Brian Stack and his ex-wife, and their use of city vehicles. The segment showed that Katia Stack, who works at a private day care center in Union City, uses a city car in her job and for personal use. The day care rents space from the city.
Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said Friday, “We don’t believe that any laws were intentionally violated. However, there are questions whether the vehicle was appropriately in the possession of the day care center. We’ve discussed that with the Union City Police Department, with Chief Everett. The vehicle no longer is in the possession of the day care center. We agree that it’s not appropriate for a forfeited vehicle to be used in that manner. That’s just an administrative situation.”
DeFazio said there is no allegation of Brian Stack being involved in any wrongdoing. “The issue if there should be reimbursement to the city of Union City [for day care employee Katia Stack’s personal use of the vehicle] is a matter that’s going to be taken up through the city through their corporation counsel,” DeFazio said. The car was forfeited by federal authorities to the Union City Department of Public Safety.
DeFazio said “It was a significant misunderstanding about the use of this vehicle. There does not appear to be any criminal intent.”
Meanwhile, Stack spokesman Mark Albiez said on Friday that the car has been taken away from the day care program.

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