’Shame on You’ looks at Union City vehicle use

UNION CITY, HOBOKEN AND BEYOND – An investigative segment on Fox News did a segment Wednesday night looking at the use of city vehicles by town officials, at least one of whom did not officially work for the city.
The segment began by pointing out that Katia Stack, ex-wife of State Sen. and Union City Mayor Brian Stack, uses a city-owned vehicle in her job working for a Union City day care facility and for personal use. The day care facility is private, but rents space in a city building at no charge.
Stack said in the segment that the vehicle is used by the day care for the benefit of the children. He said that he and the commissioners set the example by not being assigned city cars. However, the segment stated that they had footage of Stack using a city car many times, and that he was being driven around by a city employee.
The segment was part of an investigation the program said it conducted in the fall, including several days of surveillance. Reporter Arnold Diaz said in the segment that after Stack found out they were using surveillance, Union City police approached his producer.
Stack said in the segment that the complaints were political, likely coming from political opponents who couldn’t beat him at the ballot box.
Katia Stack also served as a city finance officer in Hoboken for a time.
The Reporter will post Stack’s response once it is received. The segment can be viewed

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