Animal shelters that serves Jersey City, Hoboken releases statistics

JERSEY CITY AND HOBOKEN — The Liberty Humane Society shelter in Jersey City has come under fire over the past year after some activists said they were euthanizing too many dogs and cats. In addition, dueling lawsuits have been filed by the shelter administration and a group of former volunteers at the facility.
Monday, the shelter released its statistics, intending to put the facts on the record. The stats can be read HERE.

Among the numbers they have released:
• Over 2,500 dogs, cats, wildlife and other animals came though the LHS doors in 2010 for medical care, food, and shelter.
• In 2010, LHS found new homes for 1,267 dogs and cats and reunited 206 lost pets with their owners.
• The number of dog adoptions for October through December increased by 27% from that of the ‘No Kill’ period of May though July.
• There was a precipitous drop in the number of cats that died in their cages from illness in the last four months of 2010, from 44% of all cats in June and July (during the “No Kill” period) to only 4% in December.
•By year’s end, LHS’s euthanasia rate (% PTS) had fallen to less than 15% for dogs and less than 10% for cats.

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